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Merchant Description:
Men's SAUCONY® ProGrid™ GUIDE 2 :: The updated men's Saucony® ProGrid™ Guide 2 running shoe gives you lightweight, cushioned stability at a lightweight, cushioned price. Enjoy greater flexibility for a smoother ride that nicely supports mild pronation. 11.4 ounces

Average Review:
2.0 out of 5 stars
(Reviewers believe shoe has design or quality problems.)
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Review: 2.0 out of 5 stars; Review Title: A good shoe ruined; Reviewer Name: Dissapointed
Avg Weekly Miles: 35; Avg Training Pace: 8.5 min/mile; Years Running: 7 years
Pronation: Overpronate; Shoe Weight Pref: Light-weight Trainers; Shoe Toebox Pref: Moderate; Weight: 185; Gender: Male

This "upgrade" is terrible. I've been running in the ProGrid Guides for a few years and looked forward to this update. Unfortunately, the fit on the Guide 2 is different, the shoe is heavier (why?), and it is stiffer. I don't mind a firm shoe, but why is it heavier, and why did Saucony ruin this shoes wonderful fit?