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Men's NEW BALANCE® 1063 :: The ultimate cushioned ride from New Balance® just got a ½-ounce lighter! The men's New Balance® 1063 running shoe gives you the same great cushioning and buttery-smooth ride, plus new COCONA™ fibers in the upper fabric to naturally wick away sweat. 12.2 ounces

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4.5 out of 5 stars
(Best shoe reviewers have ever owned!)
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Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars; Review Title: better with a little tinkering!; Reviewer Name: ktj
Avg Weekly Miles: 35; Avg Training Pace: 8 min/mile; Years Running: 3 years
Pronation: Neutral; Shoe Weight Pref: Light-weight Trainers; Shoe Toebox Pref: Moderate; Weight: 121; Gender: Female

I had loved the NB1060 and hated 1062 so wasn't sure what to expect of these. Initially I had to stop wearing them as I developed a rather worrying large firm swelling on my right achilles. realised that the shoes have a very firm 'bit that sticks up at the back' - technical term - and did a bit of delicate surgery with a scalpel from work. Since then they have been brilliant and still going strong after 450 miles. very light and soft for long runs but have NB825s for speed work and races.

Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars; Review Title: Great Cushioned Running Shoe; Reviewer Name: Pounder
Avg Weekly Miles: 25; Avg Training Pace: 12.5 min/mile; Years Running: 7 years
Pronation: Neutral; Shoe Weight Pref: Heavy and Long Lasting Trainers; Shoe Toebox Pref: Moderate; Weight: 195; Gender: Male

I've been for about a dozen runs in these new 1063 and love them. For the amount of cushioning they provide, they are relatively light. I'm a heavy runner and need a fairly substantial shoes. The NB 1063 is just that for me. I'm going to buy a few pairs so I know I'll have them around for a while.