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I always get nervous when I hear that a favorite shoe is going to be upgraded, so you can imagine my apprehension when Brooks announced that their fabled T5 Racer was being replaced by the T6 Racer. Fortunately, I had little to fear. The T6 Racer is, without doubt, the better shoe...mostly because Brooks made only minor changes and only to the upper. The sole, the heart of this shoe, is essentially unchanged. The upper, however, is vastly improved. If you have run in the T5s, you will find the T6s a little more snug, but the main difference is that many seams and potential abrasion points have been removed. The upper was also designed to make this already light shoe even lighter. You get a lighter shoe that is less likely to rub you the wrong way. To prove this point, I ran yesterday without socks in my T6s. This was my first run of the season without socks, so my feet haven't been hardened yet. The T6s are also fairly new. Both these variables would predict that I wouldn't go far before needing to put on my socks - perhaps only a mile, or two at the most. I managed four miles, and only put my socks on at mile four because by at mile three I started running on a sandy dirt road and the grit of the road was causing some minor abrasion. Before then I couldn't even tell I was running sockless. On a different route, one without lots of sand, I could easily have gone six or more miles. I will definitely consider running the half-marathon portion of a half Iron Man distance race in these shoes, and without socks. So, in summary, the Brooks T6 is a minor improvement over the already phenomenal Brooks T5: it is lighter, a little more snug, and has a smother upper, while still providing the responsiveness and flexibility of the T5.