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Racing Flats - Neutral Racing Flats

I've been running in the Mizuno Wave Universe 3s for a little over a month and am enjoying them quite a bit.  These are super light racing flats, or I guess now these would be called "ultra minimalist" shoes.  My size 11s weigh a mere 8.5 ounces.  My beloved Brooks T6s weigh 14.1 ounces, making these almost 6 ounces lighter.

Aside from how light these shoes are, the first thing you will notice is how flexible they are.  (OK, the first thing my daughter first noticed was how pink and glittery-gold they were.)  Both laterally and at toe-off, these shoes provide lots of flex.  If you're looking for any support, you should look elsewhere, or better yet, to a different category of shoes altogether.

The sole is quite thin and there is little rise from toe to heel.  This means that the heel is not going to encourage a heel strike and better enables a more natural mid-foot or forefoot landing. It also means that this shoe is super responsive and the transition to toe-off is extremely smooth.

You also shouldn't expect much protection from road debris.  You will feel any small pebbles or sticks that you step on, but that is a characteristic of any shoe this light and not a reflection of poor design.

I usually run in a size 11 running shoe.  With some brands, 11 is a little small, on others, a little big.  These run just a hair bigger than most size 11 running shoes I have.  The heel is fairly snug, but there seems to be just little too much room up front, which is unusual for me, since I have fairly wide feet.

Unfortunately, Mizuno didn't consider triathletes when designing these shoes, in that most runners won't be able to go sockless with these shoes.  There are two reasons for this.  The first being that the interior of the material used is a bit abrasive.  More significant are the two seams that run down either side of the mid-foot.  These are substantial seams, which are no problem with socks, but will rub you raw after a few miles without socks.

I also worry about the longevity of these shoes.  The bottom has a lot of exposed foam.  Sure, the key contact points have a more durable outsole, but unless you have perfect form the exposed midsole is going to wear down quickly.  I get 400+ miles out of my Brooks T6s, but I think I'll be lucky to get 300 out of the Mizuno Wave Universe 3s.  Of course I could be wrong about that and I'll report back when I get up to 3oo miles on them.

Mizuno Wave Universe 3 - Top ViewMizuno Wave Universe 3 - Bottom View