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We've all been told that first impressions can be deceiving.  Rarely, however, do I find that to be true with running shoes.  In the old days, it might take 30 to 50 miles to break in a pair of shoes, but that isn't true anymore.  Consequently, I'm pretty good at sizing up a pair of shoes after one run.

In my First Impressions of the Avi-Stoltz trail shoes I wrote that I found the shoes harsh on paved roads.  Yes, these are trail shoes, but many of us have to run on paved roads to get to the trails.  (Driving someplace to go for a run is just lame, except in extreme situations.)  After a dozen or more runs in these shoes, I no longer find them to be harsh.  Perhaps the shoes or I (more likely the latter) were having a bad day.  I find these shoes to be a delight, on the trail and on paved roads.

As for their weight, 12.2 oz for a size 11, they are actually fairly light for a sturdy pair of trail shoes.  Yes, my NB 790s weigh in at 9.4 oz (also size 11), but those shoes are minimalist shoes not appropriate for rugged trails and didn't give me the confidence that the Avi-Stoltz shoes give me.  The Avi-Stoltz shoes provide all the confidence one would need at a weight that isn't much above that of a light weight trainer.

Finally, as for their looks, these shoes have grown on me.  Whereas I at first considered them ugly, I now like their looks.  So much for first impressions!

Summing it all up...the Avia Avi-Stoltz trail shoes are great trail shoes.  They provide excellent traction in all kinds of trail conditions: they shed mud, cling to rock, grab loose dirt, and generally provide runners with an aggressive tread.  These shoes provide a reasonable amount of support without altering your stride on smooth surfaces by offering a wide foundation.  They provide an ample amount of protection from harsh trail conditions.  They are comfortable and flexible, and so far appear to be durable.