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I managed to get out on a new pair of Avia Avi-Stoltz trail shoes.  My first impressions are generally good with some concerns that I'll pay close attention to in future runs. 

First, the good stuff...The tread on these shoes is pretty aggressive.  I was able to run in these shoes on a variety of surfaces: pavement, hard-packed trail, sharp rocks, slippery roots, and slimy mud.  (Yes, all that in one run.)  In all situations, the traction was good.  The shoes channeled and shed the mud, and traction was pretty good on all other surfaces.  I did feel the sharp rocks, but given these rocks, that is what I would expect.  Only boots would protect ones feet from these rocks. I also found the stability to be solid, which is important on a trail where the surface can be loose or hidden.  The shoes provided plenty of room (perhaps too much) for my wide, flat forefeet.  

At 12.2 oz. for a size 11 shoe, these are not light shoes, but then they aren't overly heavy either. 

Now for the concerns.  While running on the short stretch of pavement that takes me too the woods, I found myself wishing these shoes had more forefoot cushioning.  This from somebody who generally leans towards ultralight shoes.  Perhaps I just need to break them in a little more or give them more time.  Finally, these shoes are also downright ugly, but then that really shouldn't matter.

I'll update this review once I get some more miles on them.