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I received a pair of Brooks Ghost 2s a few days ago.  I've long been a fan of Brooks running shoes, so maybe I have some bias, but if I am biased it is because I've run on dozens of pairs of Brooks over 20+ years and almost always been happy with the shoes. 

My first impression of the Ghost 2s is a very positive one.  I'll need to spend some more miles in them to draw any firm conclusion, but they are very comfortable.  That was my first impression when I put them on, "wow, these shoes are comfortable".  This from somebody who spends his whole day in running shoes, so it wasn't as if I just pulled of some uncomfortable pair of tight, leather business shoes. Much of that comfort comes from the fit, so its likely that if your foot isn't shaped like mine, you won't find it as comfortable as I do.  Still, the Brooks last is fairly accommodating.  Brooks doesn't call it a "Universal Platform" for nothing.

The Ghost 2s are very flexible, both in the forefoot, and laterally.  This means that this shoe isn't going to provide you with any support: over-pronators, stay away. Runners with a neutral stride, will find this shoe appropriate.  The shoes weigh in at 11.7 oz. each for my size 11 shoes. They aren't light shoes, but that weight is typical of other shoes in this category.

I'll spend a few more weeks in these shoes and report back.  In the meantime, I think Brooks has another winner.