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Running Ahead has always had one of the best free training logs available, but recently they added some new features that make it even better.  First, a few month ago, they made it much more multi-sport friendly. 

You can now customize your summary page to include all kinds of summary stats and graphs.  For example, in the left column of my summary page I have weekly bike and run statistics.  The weekly statistics displays the most recent 6 weeks of data.  In the middle column I display monthly statistics, also for the past six months.  Finally, in the right column, I display 7 and 30 day rolling totals as well as year-to-date and all-time totals. 

You can also add graphs and calendars to your summary page.  

Of course, the RunningAhead log already had the most user friendly interface for adding runs, shoes, and courses to your log.  The google maps feature is particularly slick.  I know plenty of sites have mapping as part of their log, but Running Ahead's interface is easier and faster than most.

Their newest feature is an integration with the Garmin Forerunner.  I tried using this lately and it is pretty easy to set up...even on a Mac!  I do wish I could add the course name, equipment used (my shoes), weight and other data when reviewing the uploaded data rather than going back in and editing these records later, but that is a small price to pay for an otherwise slick tool.