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Most people don't think much about socks, but as runners, we do.  We learned early on that cotton tube socks aren't really good for anything (well, except maybe disposable hand and arm warmers for the start of those cold marathons) and certainly should never be placed between foot and running shoe.  

I did once find the perfect running sock.  Thorlo made a pair of super thin running socks.  Most of their stuff is over padded, but these super thin socks were intended for racing.  They lasted for ever (I still have a pair after 20 years), didn't force you to buy a larger shoe, were light, wicked away moisture, and had almost invisible stiching.  Alas, they were always hard to find and I haven't seen a new pair in ages.

In the interim, I've tried many different running socks: Wright, DeFeet, Smart Wool, (all pretty good, but they don't last if you insist on throwing them into the dryer), Wigwam (their thinner versions are pretty good, but still not all the thin so they make great winter socks), and numerous versions from various shoe manufacturers (usually overpriced).  

Last week I picked up a pair of Feetures Light Coolmax socks.  Obviously, it is still to early to know how long these socks will last, but I am very impressed with the fit and thinness of these socks.  The seams are perfect and I can't imagine these socks causing blisters.  Finally, these socks are reasonably priced.  So if you are looking for I nice, thin pair of running socks, pickup a pack of Feetures.